Retargeting (also called retarget marketing) is a simple but effective way to go after people who have already browsed your site or shown a certain level of interest but left without buying.
Regardless of why they left, the key here to remember is that only about 2% to 8% of all customers convert on their first visit. Retargeting helps you tap into that other 98% to 92% you would otherwise be missing out on.
Why Should You Use Retargeting?
The main reason – and probably the only one you’ll need – to use retargeting is because it increases your sales. It also raises brand awareness and draws in more targeted traffic to your site. You get higher click-thru rates, higher conversion rates, higher return rates—all in all it’s a win-win.
Think of retargeting as both a branding tool and a conversion optimization tool. Of course, on its own, retarget marketing is effective, but it can work even better if it’s integrated into a comprehensive digital marketing and branding strategy. Use retargeting along with content marketing and regular AdWord campaigns to give your sales a substantial, sustainable boost.