The important thing to creating a local video strategy is to just remember to capitalize on your strengths as a local enterprise.

Sadly, video promotion appears much more difficult than your typical text-based content, promotional or information feed.  You have to write scripts, know the best way to run a digital camera, record first-rate audio, set up lighting, edit your footage and sound results. Creating a video advert generally is a daunting job.

As I said this appears to be very true if you happen to be a small, local business. For a lot of local firms, video promotion feels hopelessly out of reach. Nevertheless, that simply isn’t the case! With the right strategy, even simple, easy-to-create video content can deliver great results.

We’re going to try in this article to show why video promotion is such a good idea for local businesses and present some straightforward ideas you can use to get great results – even if you don’t have a ton of video expertise.

The benefit of being local

On the subject of video promotions, it would look like the large companies have loads of advantages over your local business. Nevertheless, you’ve one factor they don’t: a direct connection with your goal market.

I imply, when was the final time you heard anybody say, “McDonald’s is simply such a vital a part of our community?”

People develop an affection for local businesses. They’re run by individuals from their community who feel real and relatable. When people feel that connection to a business, they want that business to succeed…and show their support with their cash.

For instance, there’s a hole-in-the-wall burger store in my old neighbourhood that has been around for many years. Their food isn’t bad, but it surely actually isn’t any better or cheaper than a lot of the newer fast-food chains that have set up store recently. neat them.

However, people keep going back. Why? As a result of its part of the community. It’s the place everybody goes after a sport. It’s a generations-old custom. Going there makes you feel like you’re part of something greater than yourself– such as you’re participating in the community as a whole.

And that’s precisely what you want as a local business.

Now, that being mentioned, if your business hasn’t been around for decades, how do you make people really feel like you’re a vital part of the community? Video promotion.

Greater than every other promotional medium, video has the ability to make people really feel connected to your business. You possibly can present people or locations that your viewers are acquainted with, reference local occasions or figures – and make your business really feel more like a member of the local community than any of the large companies.

Why local businesses ought to use video

As we simply mentioned, video is intimidating for lots of local businesses. It costs more and takes a much wider skill set than most other types of online marketing.

However, there’s a bright side to this.

Anytime that something is difficult to do, there’s a business opportunity to be discovered. In this case, the truth that video is difficult implies that most local businesses aren’t doing it. That leaves the field wide open for any businesses that discover ways to make video work.

So, if you take the time to determine a workable video promotional strategy, you’ll typically be way ahead of the competition. Even when your competitors are already doing video promotions, if you will get in on the game (or determine the best way to so), you’ll have the ability to stay relevant and preserve your competitive edge.

The excellent news is, whereas video promoting may appear intimidating, there are literally a ton of resources out there that can assist you to make video content. There are literally thousands of YouTube tutorials, blog posts and courses that can teach you the skills you’ll want to make a basic video just utilizing a smartphone. Or, if that looks as if more effort than you have time for, there are many video creation companies that may make you a quick-and-dirty video for a reasonable price. Katipo Digital for example.

The resources are there. What you’ll want to do is come up with the appropriate video strategy…which is what we’ll get into in the subsequent section.

Three Easy Video Promotions for Local Businesses

Usually, local businesses overthink video promotions. They consider that they should create something clever or complex, when they actually just have to create something clear and compelling.

In any case, more often than not, you aren’t competing with big companies like Pepsi or Apple. You’re competing with other local businesses who have identical challenges as you.

So, with the appropriate strategy and approach, video promotion can truly be both manageable and efficient. Listed below are a few various kinds of video promotions that any local business can pull off.

1. Brand Story Promotions

One great way to create a compelling local video promotion is to tell your brand story. Like we mentioned above, certainly one of your best promotional assets is your connection to the community, so if you can also make a promotion that showcases that, you’ll be well on your way to getting more prospects in the door.

Listed below are some various kinds of brand stories that may work for local businesses:

  • The origin story. Why and how did you begin your local business? Help people connect with who you are and the place you come from.
  • Your objective. What are your business objectives? What’s your business’s enthusiastic about? Give people a motive to get behind you.
  • Success stories. Who has your business helped? How has your business made a distinction in the community? Present how supporting your business is supporting the community.
  • What makes your business distinctive. Is there one thing in particular about your services or products that is unique? Help people to see why they need to be excited to purchase from your business.

The purpose of a brand story promotion is to help create consciousness for your business. By the end of your promotion, people ought to know that your business exists, that it’s local and really feel interested in checking you out.

That being said, brand story promotions are a fairly broad funnel, so that you may not get a ton of instant foot traffic, however, that’s not the purpose. The purpose is to construct consciousness and get on the radar of your potential customers.

As a normal rule of thumb, shoot to maintain your brand story promotion between 30 and 60 seconds long. Principally, this sort of promotion ought to be brief enough to get peoples attention, however just long enough to make a compelling case for your business.

2. Continuously-Requested Questions Promotion

As soon as individuals are aware of your business, it’s natural for them to begin asking questions. That is truly a superb signal, as a result of it reveals buying intent.

If you can address these questions in an inexpensive and simple way, it’s going to take away people’s issues about utilizing your business and help get people in your door.

The simplest way to do that? FAQ promotion..

If you discover that you simply get loads of the same type of questions (both in person or in response to your promotions), an FAQ promotion might be the right solution to get ahead of the curve. Questions like “What’s it constructed from?” or “Where do you get your produce?” are easy to deal with in a video promotion and give you a unique solution to reach out to potential prospects.

Normally, this form of promotion works best with a viewer that’s already acquainted with your business. Your objective is to get people who find themselves eager about visiting your business to really act, so FAQ promotion is great for retargeting campaigns (typically as a follow-up to brand story promotions).

3. Testimonial Promotions

Need a simple, extremely highly effective video promotion? Try creating a testimonial promotion!

As we talked about earlier, one of the best things about local video promotions is the truth that you possibly can create video content that features recognizable local components: people, places, events, and so on.

Testimonial promotions from locals are a great way to say, “We’re local and we do great stuff for the people in our community.” To make things even better, you’re not the one saying good stuff about your business, which makes the promotion even more compelling.

Testimonial promotions don’t have to be Hollywood studio high quality. Their energy is in their authenticity. So long as the message is on the level and the footage is free of distracting components, a video can make for an amazing promotion.

There are loads of straightforward methods to make a testimonial promotion. You possibly can ask people to record something themselves, have them come into your office or even film people at an event or different venues.

As you’re creating your testimonial promotions, shoot to keep them below 45 to 60 seconds. Despite the fact that testimonials are attention-grabbing, watching somebody drone on about your business for 5 minutes will get old very quickly. So, in case you’ve got a ton of great testimonials (or an extremely lengthy one), try breaking them up into a number of different promotions to maintain engagement.


Video promotion may not be the simplest way to market your local business, however, if you do it properly, it may be some of the best ways to distinguish yourself and get in front of your target market.

The excellent news is, with the right strategy, creating a compelling promotion doesn’t have to be an enormous headache. The secret’s to ensure that your promotion capitalizes on your strengths as a local business. Couple that with a compelling message and you’re on the path to success!