The Difference between Google My Business and Google+

Google had unmistakably increased its products and services now that anybody could have anticipated in its search engine outset. With so many options available, it’s kind of blurring the line of difference among them. We are unclear of what each one is for and how one’s services are different from the other. The same goes for Google My Business and Google+. Marketers are unaware that both of the services are different and holds different value based on the businesses that use them.

Let’s find out how those are different from each other and how you can use them both for your business success.

What is Google My Business?

Launched in 2014, Google My Business is an online dashboard for your online or offline business that you can use to control and manage your online presence. Initially, it was launched with the name of “Google Places for Business”. You can use all the Google services like Maps, Analytics, Google+, and even search by using your Google My Business dashboard. In short, you will control how your business will appear in Google Searches and interact with your site visitors’ online using Google My Business dashboard.

What is Google+?

Introduced in 2011, Google+ is Google’s social networking sites that were launched with the intent to beat Facebook. Of course, it is a battle that Google never won. Google+ mainly consist of users profiles – an account with public visibility on which they can post and share information about themselves. Just like Facebook, you can share photos, location, employment/education history or even interests on Google+. You can share images, links, comments and much more with the users you are connected on Google+. Like Facebook groups, Google+ has Communities (both public and private) which you can join and follow Collections (a group of posts based on their content).

What is the difference between Google+ and Google My Business?

  • Dashboard Vs. Social

Try to look at it this way: think of your business as a fancy dinner or a birthday party. Google my Business is everything to do with how people find your party and how they get there. Google+ is about the actual party itself, and what kind of things people talk about when they’re there. Google my Business is a dashboard- it allows you to see different kinds of information that relates to how your business is found on Google. Google+ is a social network, which allows you to more closely connect with your visitors online.

  • Google+ as Part of GMB

In other words, Google+ is just one aspect of Google my Business, which contains a number of other features. While Google+ is its own thing, Google my Business allows you to link your accounts together, furthering the point that Business acts as a dashboard for your business online.

  • Be Found Online

One last way to differentiate the two services is what comes up when you type in your business name on Google. If you only have Google+ set up, only your social network will show up, with your posts and number of followers associated with it. However, if you have Google my Business set up, you’ll have access to those additional business details on the side of the listings, from a full citation (Name, Address, and Phone Number) to your business hours, to your website URL. Google my Business provides a far more detailed and comprehensive look into your business as a listing.

Ideally, now you’re better prepared to comprehend the distinction between Google+ and Google my Business. While the two are fundamentally the same as, it is anything but a matter of which one is better, however how you utilize each one for your business success. Make sure to keep up a refreshed and precise Google my Business posting, while at the same time posting new and applicable posts on Google+. In simply a matter of weeks, you can overtake your opposition who may even still be endeavouring to make sense of the distinction!